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Online Payment Information

~ Casnovia Township is now able to accept online credit card payments for taxes and utilities. 

~ There is a non-refundable processing fee of 3% ($2.00 minimum charge) assessed with paying your taxes
. Because we are a government entity, all costs associated with 
the convenience of credit card usage and bank account transfers are charged to
the customer directly and cannot be deducted from your tax amount due. This convenience fee is charged by Point & Pay, the provider of credit card
payment services, and Casnovia Township does not receive any portion of this convenience fee.

~ Taxes that have been turned over to Muskegon County are not eligible for payment through Casnovia Township or Point &
Pay. You will need to contact Muskegon County Treasurer’s office at 231-724-6261 to arrange payment.

~ Taxpayers are responsible for ensuring that payments are made in sufficient time to meet required deadlines. Taxpayers are
responsible for printing and retaining the confirmation of payment. The time and date of payments as indicated on the confirmation will be the date of the
payment. Payments must be confirmed prior to midnight of the scheduled due date to be considered on time. Failure of a taxpayer to understand any information
provided herein will not constitute grounds for waiver of any penalties or interest due to late payments. Casnovia Township assumes no responsibility for
incorrect information entered by taxpayers.

Click the appropriate link below to be transferred to the portal to pay your taxes or utility bill online:

Casnovia Township Online Tax Payment


Casnovia Township Online Utility Billing Payment