Casnovia Township

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Building and Zoning

Casnovia Township does not actively seek out “nuisance” type violations of the Zoning Ordinance such as junk cars or trash. However, if a case is brought to our attention we will investigate. If it is found that there is a violation, a letter will be written to the property owner making them aware of the ordinance requirements and asking that they correct the problem. If after 2 weeks the violation has not been taken care of, a second letter will be written. This will explain the final deadline for compliance at which time a citation may be written. If you would like to report a violation, you may do so by contacting the Township Office. These complaints may be made anonymously.

Imperial Municipal Services (IMS)

263 Northland Drive

Rockford, MI 49341

Phone: 800-442-2794 or 616-863-9294

Fax: 616-863-8398


Position Name
Zoning Administrator
Julie Lovelace
Building Inspector/Owner
Douglas Hopkins
Electrical Inspector
Casey Kalee
Mechanical inspector
Lance Gates
Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector
Art Haase

Once your zoning application has been approved, please give IMS a call. All of our Building, Mechanical, and Plumbing permits are issued from IMS at the address aboove. IMS will be able to assist you with all permit fees.